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"In ancient times, the festival life of a community was closely linked with its agricultural cycles. While human life today is generally more removed from these natural cycles than in earlier times, our lives are still profoundly influenced by nature's forces and by the seasons of the year. Seasonal festivals, because they allow us to reconnect with one another and with the cosmos that surrounds us, are perhaps more essential to humanity's well-being than ever before." 

- Excerpt from Seasonal Festivals for Young Children by Holly Koteen

Woodland Faire

Our Annual Woodland School Faire is one of the highlights of the year for our children and our school community. It is a gift for our children, conceived and effectuated by the imaginations and endeavors of their doting parents.

The faire is our largest community event of the year; a day designed to nurture and inspire. It is a "friend-raiser," a reflection of the values of our community and of our beloved Waldorf Education. There is always plenty of work and much need for anyone interested in becoming a part of this wonderful preparation. It has become a tradition that with the large numbers of helpers needed on the day of the Faire, every family offers the services of one of its members, if only for a few hours. This event requires the efforts of all our parents to make it work!

The array of music, crafts, and magical scenes makes this an extraordinary event for children and parents alike. Throughout the year parent workshops and crafting circles are held to prepare the special crafts inspired by the Waldorf pedagogy. Friendships are made, new skills are discovered and the social life of the school community is fostered. Talents are shared and there are many opportunities to learn new skills.

May Pole Dance Celebration

The May Pole Dance is a celebration of May Day, an ancient festival welcoming spring. We usually celebrate the May Pole Dance on the 1st Saturday in May at a local park. May pole dancing and a family picnic create a fun and festive environment for all families from the Westside Waldorf School Community.