Westside Waldorf School - 310.454.7064
Ellie Jenkins – School Administrative Chair, ext. 4,
Kami Brown, Administrative Assistant , 
Mike Quishenberry – Business Manager, ext. 5,
Franzi Utter, Communications and Operations Manager, ext. 7,
Sumaiya Yusuf, Director of Admissions, ext. 1,
Carol Slick, Parent-Child Registration / Reception, ext. 2,
Melissa Minder, Front Office Support/Dismissal Coordinator, ext. 7,
Tianna Tekeste, Administrative Assistant to Business Manager, ext. 3,
Brenna Johnston-Kosher, After School Manager, ext. 6, 
Judy Penrose, Early Childhood Director- WECC Santa Monica Office, 310.260.2708,
Core Group
  • Ellie Jenkins, School Administrative Chair
  • Mike Quishenberry, Business Manager
  • Anjum Mir, Parent-Child Teacher
Support Members
  • Liis Edwards, Secretary, Community
  • Laura Scheurer, Parent