Westside Waldorf School is an independent, self-administered, collaboratively led institution, organized for charitable purposes under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law of California and for charitable and educational purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of applicable federal laws. In its approach to governance, Westside Waldorf School attempts to combine the legal and financial requirements of a modern-day non­profit organization with Rudolf Steiner’s approach to managing through the Threefold Social Order.  


The Governing Council (GC), College of Teachers, and Board of Trustees are the key leadership groups of the School. Much work at Westside Waldorf School is done through committees, many of which have overlapping membership from faculty and administration, and often include parents or Trustee members as well.  


  • Ellie Jenkins, School Administrative Chair
  • Franzi Utter, Communications and Operations Manager
  • Anjum Mir, Parent-Child Teacher
  • Cathy O'Neill, Chair/Parent
  • Stanley Chiu, Vice Chair/Parent
  • Steven Avdul, Treasurer/Parent
  • Charleen Kay, Secretary/Parent
  • George Bryson, Parent
  • Alex Houghton, Community
  • Jeff Spear, Parent
  • Liis Edwards, Community
  • Belinda James, Faculty 
  • Lynne Newton, Chair, Class Teacher
  • Alessandra Profumo, Class Teacher
  • Ellie Jenkins, School Administrative Chair
  • Belinda James, Class Teacher 
  • Heike Adamsberger-Kosta, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Gergana Minkova, Nursery Teacher
  • Anjum Mir, Parent-Child Teacher
  • Nelly Ivano, Class Teacher