Annual Giving

Each year Westside Waldorf School holds an Annual Giving Campaign. 

The reason behind the Annual Giving Campaign is simple.  Tuition alone does not cover all of our school’s expenses.  Nearly 10% of our budget each year is derived from the Annual Giving Campaign.  Your generous spirit is an important part of our community’s collective identity and its continuing growth and success.

 Each year the Annual Giving Campaign protects the school’s financial independence.  It allows for the flexibility to tackle some of our most-pressing budgetary needs and ensures the the ability to maintain our generous tuition assistance program — without having to significantly increase tuition year over year. 

 And, it is this financial independence that directly supports the pedagogical independence that is absolutely required to protect and preserve Waldorf Education — the reason we are all here together.

Because Waldorf education places such an emphasis on freedom, free-thinking, creativity and self-reliance, it is proper, appropriate and righteous that Waldorf schools look to their parent community to be engaged and help support this education.  It is only in this way that we can afford the privilege of educating our children in the manner we prefer, with far less government imposed testing, distraction and control in the classroom. 

Creating the space and environment needed to allow our teachers the freedom they need to work their magic with our children comes with a cost.  And tuition alone doesn’t cover it.  Hence, our Annual Giving Campaigns.

Please give generously. Encourage family members or friends to lend their support as well!  

Thank you.