Parent Child Program

For infants and toddlers 2 months to 3 years
“Motor abilities provide a reflection of brain development and integration, but [young children] need time, opportunity, and practice to reach optimum performance [of new motor skills].”
- Sally Goddard Blythe, What Babies and Children Really Need

The Westside Waldorf School’s Parent-Child Programs provide education and resources for parents and their young children from two months to three years of age. Together we seek to create a warm, secure and joyful place for young children to play, discover and gradually unfold. Participants come together in an inviting environment that echoes the rhythms and atmosphere of a Waldorf Early Childhood classroom. The classes encourage young children to explore and engage in the wonders of the first years of life in group play. They offer parents a place to connect, find a supportive group, discuss and share child development and parenting issues, and to learn about Waldorf education.
Our teachers create safe play spaces that offer children rich opportunities for age-appropriate, self-initiated exploration. Open-ended toys made from natural materials nourish the children’s developing senses, encourage them to employ their creative and imaginative capacities, and further develop their emerging fine-motor skills. Structures that they can move, explore with their whole bodies, crawl over and into—combined with environments that invite movement—help develop their gross-motor coordination.
Through quiet observation of the children, and conversations centered on weekly readings on child development, the adults gain greater awareness and trust in their children’s growing interests, motor abilities, social interactions, and problem-solving skills. Their trust strengthens the children’s emerging self-confidence and feeds their growing interest in exploring their world.

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*Please note, forms are specific to each campus location.  Space is limited.  The McComb campus is in Pacific Palisades, and the WECC campus is in Santa Monica (Waldorf Early Childhood Center).
TO REGISTER: For more information about Parent-Child classes and to register, please contact Carol Slick, 310.454.7064 ext. 0 or email